Professional Business Fraternity
Lambda Upsilon | St. Mary`s University
Our Chapter

Lambda Upsilon was founded at St Mary's University on April 9, 1988. Since its creation, driven and dedicated individuals have found a brotherhood that will last a lifetime. 

Deltasigs share common beliefs with the Marianist roots of the St. Mary's University community of acting to making the world around a better place. We have learned that the key to success starts at this group of passionate like-minded individuals. Delta Sigma Pi has molded and continues to mold future leaders through leadership, personal growth, and social opportunities. 

 Deltasigs at StMU have an abundance of experience starting with the following companies:

Altogether, the Lambda Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi has 600+ initiates, 17 active members, and 4 Chapter Recognitions. 

The qualified programs at St Mary's University include; Accounting, Applied Management, Corporate Financial Management, Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Financial Services and Risk Management, International Business, Information Systems Management, Management, Marketing, and Engineering Management.